David Zimmerman

It is with great sadness that I have to report that David Zimmerman, R#4710 passed away January 31, 2018.  David was a very enthusiastic and inquisitive collector of Cincinnati CWTs and helped on the research that moved the John Frank tokens to Mill Creek Township, Ohio.

Index of Published Articles

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Photos Needed for SC4

Die# Fuld Source Comments
99250.0 LU-N-1o x aka Pat 496/497
99270.0 LU-N-1r x aka Pat 496/497
70085.0 MD060O x FWG
70450.0 MD060AQ x HEW
27390.0 MI580A-1o x Fuld didn't have one (R9)
28184.0 NJ560Ao x W. Rust rubber token
28186.0 NJ560Ar x W. Rust rubber token
29284.0 NY-630Ka-2o x Broadway Rubber/Shiffer obv
29288.0 NY-630Ka-2r x Broadway Rubber/Shiffer rev
29476.0 NY630Sbo x Horace Day rubber token
29478.0 NY630Sbr x Horace Day rubber token
29634.0 NY630ADao x Goodyear Rubber Co. (rubber)
29636.0 NY630ADar x Goodyear Rubber Co. (rubber)
30650.0 NY630CH-2r x not pictured in Fuld. Does it even exist?
30710.0 NY630CI-2r x Fuld didn't have one (R9)
31380.0 OH074A-2r x
32152.0 OH165Ya-1o x M. Cohn
32154.0 OH165Ya-2o x M. Cohn
32285.0 OH165AH-3o x
32580.0 OH165BB-1o NV
33350.0 OH165CY-109o NV
10665.0 OH-165DZ-4 F can't find
34370.0 OH165FU x
34412.0 OH165FYao x Suire, Eckstein & Co rubber token
34414.0 OH165FYar x Suire, Eckstein & Co rubber token
34680.0 OH165GW NV
35675.0 OH330B-2o x
40346.0 PA750Ld-1o x F.C. Key & Sons
40347.0 PA750Ld-1r x F.C. Key & Sons rev: Warner
40900.0 PA765P-11o NV
45910.0 WI435A-2o NV
48070.0 WI960A-3o x
60000.0 WV100A-1o x Lorena Furnace
60015.0 WV100A-4o x
60020.0 WV100A-5o x
60030.0 WV100A-7o x
60060.0 WV100B-5o F can't find
Stock die 1063A x NY630M-5r (now L-11r)
Stock die 1254A x NY630V-8r (probably doesn't exist)
Stock die 1307A x MI370D-4r. ANS collection
Stock die 1427D x blank reverse - Stanton, 19mm w/denticles
Stock die 1427G x blank reverse - , Lanphear raised rim, no denticles

Could Be Improved

Die# Fuld Comments
20470.0 IL150R-4 Escherich
24660.0 MI065A-3o Binder, Bay City
26240.0 MI370B-1o Courlander & Pressgood, Grand Rapids
27620.0 MI700D Niles - Platt
27770.0 MI845A Saginaw City - Binder
31210.0 OH010A Adelphi
31640.0 OH160D Chillicothe - Keim
32050.0 OH165S Bruggeman, Cincy
33370.0 OH165CZ-2 Lanphear 25c
33390.0 OH165DB Lasurs
35961.0 OH440A-1o Lancaster-Armbruster
35640.0 OH505A Mansfield - Endly
35680.0 OH530Bobv Martinsburg - Dayton
35690.0 OH530Brev Martinsburg - Dayton
36670.0 OH880B-1o Troy - Harter
36680.0 OH880B-2o Troy - Harter
45360.0 WI-250D Green Bay - Klaus


22795.0 IN510Aa have
99260.0 LU-N-2o have
99280.0 LU-N-2r have
24241.0 MA115Ca-1o have George Fera
24361.0 MA115G-5o have Tuttle -G.Washington
24362.0 MA115G-5r have Tuttle- Miller 91/92
70070.0 MD060L have MC
MD060Ua have scans Lanfair, Malllory
MD060Wa have S.N
MD060AHa? have P. SCH
26725.0 MI-370L-4o have new obverse unlisted in SC3
28725? NY-095F (2nd rev) have new reverse
30132.0 NY630BCa-1o have H.G. Norton & Co.
30134.0 NY630BCa-1r have H.G. Norton & Co.
40650.0 PA765Va-1o have an improved pic 12/15
40652.0 PA765Va-1r have an improved pic 12/15
Stock die 1238.0 have reverse of IN-915A, slightly different from Pat 234 per Wayne Stafford
Stock die? LU-S-7b rev have unlisted variety with a new 25 cent variety reverse

U.S. Civil War Store Cards 3rd Edition Errors and Omissions

preface add a comment somewhere that all Mossin & Marr tokens were struck by Charles Kleinsteuber (WI-510V)
contributors Russ Sears (not Russell); Thomas Casper, Raymond Callan
die photos remove 1023A (this is actually 1031)
die photos add 1150B which is paired with PA-750E in brass
die photos 1238 - Wayne Stafford says wrong pic. SC3's pic is Pat 234 and slightly different. Have correct photo now dated 1/2/16
die photos remove 1289
die photos p.62 - 1051 is not a Higgins die per Wayne Stafford - what to do with it?
Renner's List remove reference to 1023A
Renner's List LU references use a numeric convention that was abandoned. Fix all.
AL-425A new variety -1018 reverse, CN, reeded edge, R10. Call it -12d.
D.C. Consider placing a "marker" where D.C. would be in main text pointing to Hard Rubber section.
IL-095C ? Charles Mehner, rev: 1374A have pics & research showing this is a CWT
IL-320E a couple of varieties are listed as 320A
IL-320E-1ao4 R10 over WI-510AD-1a - reported by Larry D.
IL-692A -12 and '13 obverses should be 34070 (not 34060). obv: 34070. rev 1047 (die state IV) seen on eBay Feb 2015
IL-692A 20e change from R10 to R7
IL-692A-7fo new variety over a Chile 1846 1 real (have pics) silver
IL-762A-2d Reeded edge R10 21300/1047
IL-795A-3a change rarity rating to R9
IL-890B 21 mm (also check for any die marriages to get them to 21mm)
IN-005A-1ao struck over IN-780B-1a
IN-140A-7a PL edge. In fact, search all reverse = 1029 and make PL edge.
IN-260C-2a rarity change to NV
IN-460V-3 all varieties should have die 1436
IN-510C kill the part in the narrative about the first initial being incorrect
IN-570 narrative reference to -1a and -2b should be to -1a and -2a
IN-630A-14b obv should be 23210
IN-630B photos of dies 23230 and 23240 should be reversed (23240 currently labeled as 232340)
IN-630B-1b rarity change to NV
IN-900A-1b should be -1bo
LU-Ea-gap Day's New Card. Missed listing it. Fka 187/476, copper plated lead, R-9?
LU-I-4b should be R9 (I know of 2)
LU-S-6d new variety. Reverse 1018. Ex-Tanenbaum, owned by Steve Hayden.
LU-S-7b new variety - 25c. Reverse to Town Branch Store. Hayden#42 lot 368
MD-060T-1b R9 or even R8
MD-060Ua-1h-bla Lanfair, Mallory & Co.
MD-060Wa-1b S. N/ 5 (unlisted in SC3 - have pics)- will need to update preface to MD060 to address this token that uses 1001
MD-060AHa? P. SCH (unlisted in SC3 - have pics)-will also need to update preface to MD060. This token reverse is 1296A.
MD-060AJ insert a short narrative
MA-970C-1h Larry reports a second reverse die in an email 1/31/17. Need pics
MI-040B-3j should be listed after -3do, out of order
MI-045A-5a 1039A? We don't even have that stock die. In my sales database, but no notes in SC3 discussions that I can find.
MI-190A-4a 24820/24820 (Hayden auction 44 Dec 16). Could this be the actual -3a? Could both -2a and -3a be struck and not incuse? Hayden remarks that he has not seen -2a or -3a.
MI-225E-4i R9 missing
MI-225AZ listings are messed up. -2a s/b 1a1, then 2a-2i = 1042, 3a & 3d = 1047
MI-225AZ-1a1 R10 currently -2a and should be PL edge
MI-225BE-1a1 R9 plain edge new variety confirmed by Bill Luitje
MI-225CJa Eben s/b Eber
MI-300C-1b/a R10? Missing
MI-300E Aaron Mest (see CWTSJ V50N3
MI-370F-3b R10? Unlisted in SC3. Hayden has one offered at $1,950 7/15
MI-370L-4a Unlisted variety. New obverse 26725. Have pic. Reverse is 1211. From Hayden#42 Aug 2015 sold as L-3a, reported by Brian Koller 8/15.
MI-450A unlisted obverse (have pic) -- call it 26745 which reverses? Compositions? Q to Bill Luitje 1/16/16
MI-450F header: Jaob should be Jacob
MI-450O add to comment that -3a is a Childs obverse/Gleason reverse
MI-580B-2d R10 1105 Temple collection
MO-910A-2b R10 unlisted composition PL edge
MO-910A-2i reduce rarity rating from R9 to R8
MO-910A-5d R10 unlisted composition, Reeded edge
MO-910A-8d R10 unlisted. 1069 rev Reeded edge
MO-910B header has MN
MO-910B-8a R10 obv 28040; rev:1046A Reeded edge
MO-910Ba? General Eastern Railroad, Schenkman G5 - why didn't we list this? It was included in an 1863 auction.
MO-910C-1m R10 unlisted composition, plain edge, Heritage June 2016
NJ-885A -2a should be -1b
NY-010Da-1h-bl new variety in black, R10. Heritage 6/16
NY-010H-3b R10, unlisted composition, plain edge
NY-095F new obverse die. One reported with 1269. Watch the alignment of the "LLs" in WILLIAMS v. the preceding 'I"
NY-630G-2b R-9, 26.8mm
NY-630Ha George Lovett, not Robert Lovett in narrative
NY-630K-9 19mm, not 23mm (only the -9 varieties with 1133 as reverse)
NY-630Ka change how the dies photos are arranged so that obv and rev are left and right instead of top and bottom
NY-630L pics of dies 29310 & 29315 need to be reversed (and the die explosion)
NY630L-4e R7, not R5
NY-630AEa-1? metal? Similar to NY 2051-2055, have pics dated 6/17/16
NY-630AG-7d R8 missing
NY-630AG-8d R9 missing
NY-630-BFb missing the maroon and unlisted brown varieties
NY-630BIa pics 32044, 32045, 32046, & 32047 s/b rectangular, not square
NY-630BQa pics 30384 & 30385 s/b rectangular, not square
NY-630BQa-2h change rarity rating to R9
NY-630BQa-2ho struck over an unknown token
NY-630BS-1f new composition reported by Mark B. Heritage 6/16
NY-630BZ-3j R9? Missing
NY-630CK-1h-br R9? Unlisted in brown and also unl in Schenkman. Have photos 3/10/15
NY-780A-1ao new find Aug 15. over 337/350a. Have pics. R10. Bought by John Wilson at ANA from ST's first partner. Will need to tweak the intro - the Wilsons' piece was done in 1863.
NY-845A town should be "Seneca Falls"
NY-890B die 30900G is a later die state than 30900F. Correct the -12b and -38b listings from 30900G to 30900F, remove the picture of 30900G, and leave a note for the reader.
NY-890B die 30900K pic - Bill reported wrong pic. Saved the correct one to scb3 photos file 2/29/16
NY-890B die 30900L pic - Bill sent a different pic 3/20/15.
OH-060D-6b should be "a"
OH-100B blue box: OH-165CY-110 & 113
OH-120B-3a R9 reported by Larry D.
OH-160B-2d R10 missing
OH-165B reverse s/b 1386
OH-165Z-10b should be 10d
OH-165BJ-22a reverse 1019 R6 missing
OH-165BO-6a unlisted variety 1008. Need to confirm existing "1009"s truly are that. -1a might be 1008 and no actual 1009. See email from Bill Luitje 12/19/16 and others.
OH-165DB picture is of die 33390 but says 33340
OH-165DD-1a/b (?) not currently listed, R10, Steve Hayden sold one June, 2013- need to verify. Owned by Mark Gatcha - can we examine the rim? Ernie think just a bad alloy mix.
OH-165DD-1b1 edge s/b 'R'
OH-165DZ-13b delist and move to NC section
OH-165GH -9d listing says FX instead of GH
OH-165GI-10a unlisted in copper. B&M 11/99 Lot 3229.
OH-175C-13a 75/525 should be 73/525
OH-200B-2f NV. Presidential sale #56 6/94 and again in Bowers & Merena 11/95
OH-230B-2a1 reverse s/b 1023
OH-270A merchant surname should be spelled "Farnham" in the merchant header
OH-300A Boger & Kimmel - to SC4 committee to consider moving to NC section. Mark B.'s research shows business commenced 7/14/1865.
OH-505B-5b R8 missing
OH-535B-4a obv: 35475; rev 1169 R9?
OH-620A-13a R10 new variety 1427D reverse reported by Larry D.
OH-670A need to research correct spelling of last name or correct the header to what is on the token
OH-925A-1d R10 missing
OH-975C-5a R-9? Maybe R-8 At least two known.
OH-975G Grocer instead of Saloon
PA-013C-1a reverse die s/b 1028
PA-360A-1do correct from -1d to -1do
PA-615A-1d unlisted composition, R9? Anacs set to verify one Aug 2016
PA-750A Adams - research: Mark Gatcha said he was found at this address in the 1864 directory. Intro needs tweaking.
PA-750E new variety in brass paired with 1150B
PA-750F-2a should be 750F-1d
PA-750H-2h R5 or 6 per Larry Dziubek
PA-750P-2a reverse is 40410 inc
PA-750P-4j reverse is 40420 inc
PA-765Qa-2h R7 possibly R9 per Larry Dziubek
PA-967A header should read 'Greenville' with two Ls
TN-600A-8i R10? Missing
TN-600B-11a R8? Missing
TN-690D-6bo change OH-165AY to OH-557A
WV-220A-7a new listing - R10, 1084 reverse, PL edge
WV-260A-2b R9, unlisted composition. eBay sale 12/15
WI-220F-3a reverse s/b 1168
WI-250F all listings have 250E
WI-510I listings have 510A
WI-510M header change to "Goes and Falk"? Fits between Frankfurth/Goll & Frank
WI-510N header - change spelling to 'Hantzsch'
WI-510P butcher
WI-510Q narrative-change to Madison, Watertown & Milwaukee
WI-510V name spelling should be Kleinsteuber, this may be where to add to narrative that he was responsible for striking all Mossin & Marr tokens.
WI-510AK header should read '& Son", not & Co.
WI-510AP-6a1 R8
WI-530A header says IN-530
WI-920L-2b correct variety for the hoard in the narrative, not -1a
LU-N 19mm
LU-R Lott should be Lot
Possible CWT section remove Perrin from Wisconsin - was not listed in Janesville in the 1865/6 WI gazetteer
NY-630Ka change orientation of the pictures so that variety 1 has it's obv/rev side by side and same for variety 2 (& get pics of 29284/29288 aka Schenkman B16)
NC-LU-B Eureka tokens, omitted by accident. Add some sort of narrative and change index from LU-C to LU-B
p629 add the words "the war" to the end of the sentence at NC-OH-B

CWTS Meeting Minutes 2015

The CWTS general meeting was held at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Chicago August 13th at 4:00 followed by a CWTS Execu- tive Board meeting. CWTS Executive Board members present were President Paul Cunningham, Vice-President Susan Trask, Secretary John Ostendorf, and Board of Governors members Bill Luitje and Jud Petrie. There were approximately 25 people in attendance.

1. President Paul Cunningham called the meeting to order and welcomed all members and guests.

2. Secretary John Ostendorf provided a membership report. Current membership stands at a total of 765 members compared to last year’s 740 (590 regular members, 3 associate members, 3 junior members, and 169 life members). Membership has grown in the last year a er having held steady for the last three years. is growth is probably related to the publication of the third edition of the store card book. The publication of 6th edition of the Patriotic Book will certainly help as well.

3. The third edition of the store card book has been well received and has already sold almost 600 copies.

4. Treasurer Tom Reed presented the treasurer's report. The CWTS is on rm nancial footing, largely due to book sales in the last year.

5. Awards presentations were made for the last several years to get caught up. The following awards were presented:

Literary Awards:
1st place (tie) - Don Erlenkotter, "How Many Civil War Tokens Were Produced?" and Bill Luitje, "The Value of Rarity Numbers".
3rd place - Bart Woloson, "David B. Herrinton and His Double read $15 Sewing Machine".
Honorable Mention - Alan Chetson,"A New Reverse Die for NY- 630L".

1st place - John Ostendorf, "R.S. McKeen & Co. of Galveston, Texas - Not Indiana!"
2nd place - Q. David Bowers, "Rhode Island Civil War Store Cards/"F. eodore Pohle of Rhode Island From Providence to Cranston (RI220A).".
3rd place - John Ostendorf, "Waldo & Brandon's Emporium, Je erson, Wisconsin (WI310F)".

1st place - Rick Irons, "A. Krebs and Chas. Stevens: Civil War Merchants or Sutlers?"
2nd place - Don Erlenkotter, Q. David Bowers, and Rick Remling, "Robert Downing (OH 165AK): Two Identities for a Bookseller and Numismatist of Cincinnati".
3rd place - Don Erlenkotter, "Cincinnati's Dr. Bennett and his Medicines (OH-165N)".

1st place - John Ostendorf, "African American Issuers of Civil War Store Cards".
2nd place - Q. David Bowers, "Charles McCarthy and the Washington House, Urbana, Ohio".
3rd place - Scott Hopkins, "Plessner & Son: Druggists of Toledo, Ohio".
Honorable Mention - Don Erlenkotter, "1864:Dunn & Co.'s Oyster House Tokens".

2012 Service Award: The Dale Cade Service Award for 2012 was presented to Don Erlenkotter for updating membership and dues records to a digital system, CWTS Journal editorship and conversion to a digital format.

2014 Research Award: The Jack Detwiler Research Award for 2014 was presented to John Ostendorf for editorship of the third edition of "US Civil War Store Cards".

6. A special black leather bound copy of the 3rd edition of the Store Card book was presented to John Ostendorf for his service as editor. A second copy was auctioned and a er some spirited bidding, went to Tom Reed for $550, the proceeds going to the CWTS treasury.

7. The Hall of Fame inductee for 2015 was announced. Susan Trask was inducted into the CWTS Hall of Fame and was present to receive her award.

8. The meeting was opened to general discussion. There were no questions or comments.

9. Susan Trask and Tom Reed gave a very interesting presentation on "Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Camp and Related Sutler Scrip".

10. The general meeting was adjourned and followed by a meeting of the CWTS Executive Board. Present were President Paul Cunningham, Vice-President Susan Trask, Secretary John Ostendorf, Treasurer Tom Reed and Board of Governors Bill Luitje and Jud Petrie. There was a general discussion concerning several CWTS matters, but no decisions or formal votes on any matters.