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    Rarity is important because it is one of several factors affecting the price of a token. The rarity of Civil War Tokens is, at best, an educated guess based on the experience of collectors and scholars in the field. The Fulds have developed a scale that has been in use for more than fifteen years and ranges from R-1 (very common) to R-10 (unique--only one known). The complete rarity scale is presented below :

R - 1 Greater than 5000 (Very Common)
R - 2 2001 to 5000
R - 3 501 to 2000
R - 4 201 to 500
R - 5 76 to 200
R - 6 21 to 75
R - 7 11 to 20
R - 8 5 to 10
R - 9 2 to 4 (1 to 4 for Sutler Tokens)
R - 10 1 Only (N/A for Sutler Tokens)

    This rarity scale is based on the assumption that about 1 million Civil War tokens are still in existence. Even if this is not a good estimate, the ratings will still have the same relative meaning. This is especially true of rarities of R-7 or higher, which are based on actual surveys of the largest collections still in existence and include most of the off-metals known.

    Rarity is a relative term. The total number of specimens of the most common varieties is less than the total number of 1909-S VDB Lincoln cents. However, since Civil War Token are far less sought-after by collectors, compared to the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent, they sell for much less. Rarity defines supply, but collectors establish the demand.


    Civil War Tokens were struck in a variety of metals. The table below lists the code (for Store Cards), metallic abbreviation, and the metal composition :

a C Copper
b BR Brass
c N Nickel
d C-N Copper-Nickel
e W-M White Metal
f S Silver
g L Lead
h R Rubber
i Z Zinc
j G-S German Silver
k G-T Gilt
m T Tin
*** Spl Silver plated
*** Zpl Zinc plated

    The amateur collector often has great difficulty distinguishing between the various metals. The best solution to this problem is to consult a reputable dealer.

(Above information extracted from Fuld's)

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